Block based pricing model

At Cean Herz Design, I understand that every project is unique, and my goal is to provide you with the best possible experience while ensuring that my pricing is transparent and tailored to your needs. That's why I'm introducing my new block-based pricing model, designed with your convenience and budget in mind.

Under 10 Hours:

A very flexible option for customers who only need a few hours. You simply pay for the hours you need or have been used up to 9 hours.

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10 Hour Block:

380 US$ | 50% deposit to secure your project, with the remaining balance due upon completion or according to mutually agreed milestones.

Reserve Your Time

20 Hour Block:

720 US$ | 50% deposit to secure your project, with the remaining balance due upon completion or according to mutually agreed milestones.

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30 Hour Block:

1020 US$ | 50% deposit to secure your project, with the remaining balance due upon completion or according to mutually agreed milestones.

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40 Hour Block:

1280 US$ | 50% deposit to secure your project, with the remaining balance due upon completion or according to mutually agreed milestones.

Reserve Your Time

Transparent Billing: I believe in full transparency. Rest assured that I clock all of my time diligently, and a detailed timesheet will always be provided along with your invoice.

Flexible Collaboration: My block-based pricing offers flexibility and allows you to use your hours as needed, providing you with cost-effective solutions for your web design needs.

Client-Centric Approach: I prioritize your satisfaction and am committed to delivering exceptional results for every project.

Unused Hours: If there are any hours left over in your block after the project's completion, rest assured that I won't charge for them. These unused hours can also be carried forward and used for ongoing tasks like website maintenance, updates, or any additional design work you may need in the future.

How many hours will my project need?

A projects have different requirements and it can be quite a challenge to figure out exactly how many hours any project will need however, based on all of my past work I can provide the following estimates.


This would be a single page brochure site to a small site with around 5 pages and some bespoke design elements.

Estimate: 20 - 40 hours


This would be a multi page site between 5 - 10 pages with bespoke design elements, some extra features and functionality.

Estimate: 40 - 80 hours


This would be a large complicated site with many pages and a lot of bespoke design and functionality.

Estimate: 80 - 100 hours +

Projects can also be broken up into "phases" which suits the block based pricing model very well. Phase 1 will be the essential core information for your business and further information can be added as part of phase 2. All websites are a work in progress as they should be updated regularly.

Detailed quotation fixed rate

With this option you can request a personalized quote based on your specific project requirements. Note: Block based discounts do not apply to this pricing model and hours worked will be charged at full price. For me to provide a detailed and accurate quotation please provide the following information:

  • Website Purpose and Objectives: To ensure that your website aligns perfectly with your goals and expectations, please share with me the primary purpose and objectives you have in mind. Understanding your overarching vision will help me create a website that effectively fulfills your mission.

  • Sitemap and Structure: Your input is invaluable in shaping the website according to your vision and goals and will help me to understand the required structure and overall scope of the project. Please provide a detailed sitemap showing top level primary pages and sub pages. This will also be used to create the menu structure.

  • Design Preferences: Do you have design preferences or branding guidelines? Sharing logos, color schemes, or design inspirations would be helpful. If you need a new logo or wish to redesign an existing one, please let me know, as I can assist with logo creation to ensure it aligns seamlessly with your website's design and overall brand identity.

  • Content: Will you provide website content, or would you like assistance with content creation? Knowing the approximate number of pages and whether you need copywriting support is valuable.

  • Photos and Visuals: If you have specific photos or visuals for your site, please let me know. Otherwise, we can discuss sourcing high-quality visuals aligned with your brand.

  • Sliders and carousels: Please indicate if you require a hero slider or carousel, the number of slides and the content and complexity of each slide.

  • Icons: Please indicate if you want pre-made icons sourced from a stock website or bespoke custom designed icons.

  • E-commerce: If you plan to sell products online or need a catalog, please specify the number of products and any e-commerce requirements.

  • Hosting and Domain: Do you already have a domain and hosting, or would you like assistance with setup? I can recommend suitable options if needed.

  • Timeline: Do you have a specific project timeline or deadline?

  • Maintenance (including Backups and Security): What are your plans for website maintenance and updates after the initial development? This could include content updates, security patches, and software updates.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): What are your expectations regarding search engine optimization (SEO)? Do you want the website optimized for search engines, which may include keyword research and on-page SEO?

  • User Training: Clarify whether you expect training on how to manage and update the website, especially if you plan to add content yourself.

  • Legal and Compliance Requirements: Are there any specific legal or compliance requirements for your industry, such as GDPR or POPIA accessibility, that need to be addressed by the website?

  • Additional Requirements: Are there other functionalities or integrations you require, such as payment gateways, user registration, analytics, etc.?

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