Quick Guide

We approach each project a little differently based on the nature of the work and the needs of our client. However, most of our projects follow a simple plan that helps us deliver exceptional results and most importantly, meet and exceed our client’s expectations. Please read through our handy ‘quick guide’ to better understand our easy to follow working processes for all projects. This will answer any questions you might have and put your mind at ease allowing you to start your project with confidence.

Six Phases of the Web Site Design and Development Process

There are six easy to follow steps in the web site design and development process which we have outlined below.

Web Development Stages

Phase One: Information Gathering
Phase Two: Planning
Phase Three: Design
Phase Four: Development
Phase Five: Testing and Delivery
Phase Six: Maintenance


Graphic Design Quick Guide

There are six easy to follow steps in the graphic design process which we have outlined below.


Phase one: Gathering of Data
Phase Two: Quotation and Acceptance
Phase Three: The Look & Feel
Phase Four: First Round of Changes
Phase Five: Sign Off
Phase Six: Final Payment & Delivery