Do we need face to face meetings to initiate or complete projects?

We do not require any face to face meetings at all to start or complete our projects. We haven’t met about 90% of the clients that we have completed designs for. Our processes are streamlined through the use of email, phone and real-time online meetings through Skype and TeamViewer. We have competed some of our best work remotely.

My company or I am not situated South Africa. Can I still order graphic or website design services?

Yes, you can definitely order your designs from us. We do not require face to face meetings to complete the projects since we offer streamlined communication channels throughout our projects. Payment would be in the form of credit card through our website on a per project basis, or you could choose to do an international bank transfer.

What are your prices?

The costs associated with the development of different collateral vary greatly depending on the complexity of the project and the production requirements involved. All of our clients are provided with a quotation, which includes a break-down of the design time and the production costs.

What is the turn around time on your projects?

There are several factors to consider, beginning with the complexity of your project. For example an e-commerce web site will take much longer than a 5 page brochure site. Also, how quickly you are able to provide the required materials and then approve mock ups will play into how quickly your project will be completed.

Generally most websites will take between 2 – 4 weeks, depending on the scope of the project and how quickly we are provided with content. Some will be quicker, and some will take much longer. If you are in a hurry we will do everything possible to accommodate you and work with your timeline.

The turn around time for graphics design projects also depends on the complexity of the project and client’s responsiveness in giving timely feedback. If all goes smoothly a branding pack could be completed in 2 weeks or so.

How will the final files for my project be provided to me?

We use DropBox as a central repository to share files with clients so when your project is complete, we make sure that the final files are uploaded to your folder.

Do you offer printing services?

We don’t offer printing directly. We focus purely on graphic and website design and related services. We do send your signed off artwork to a printer company of your choice on your behalf. You then pay them directly for your prints which can then be delivered to you.